The Secular Progressives Don’t Care That It’s Christmas

They are busy planning battle strategy

This week has been a difficult week to write. I’m fully aware it is the Christmas season and your attention has rightfully turned to your family. I don’t want to detract from that. However… the secular Progressives don’t care one bit about Christmas, and there are events occurring that are of concern. So I’ll just have my say today in a lengthy but important post (this is by far the longest one I have ever written). Barring a significant event, the posts through the rest of the year will be pretty short.


With that said, I’m feeling a little froggy as I write this (you will learn that on occasion that happens). That simply means I feel led to speak my mind without regard for feelings (but always with respect).

The Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

Please do not miss the significance of the full court press that is being made to discredit the results of the election of Donald Trump. Stop and consider what has happened in the last 30 days:

  • A bizarre (and failed) recount effort.
  • Intense pressure to turn at least 37 individuals into “faithless electors” and send the election to Hillary or Congress.
  • Claims that the Russians are responsible for hacking the DNC with the explicit intent on getting Trump elected.
  • Claims that the Russians are now targeting German Prime Minister Angela Merkel to “take her down” and install a “right wing” replacement.
  • A discredited MSM (mainstream media) that has not repented, but doubled (or tripled) down on their bias.
  • The full throated cry to remove “fake” news from social media and the blogosphere while engaging in a continued onslaught of fake news themselves.
  • California residents actively pursue secession (decried by the same people as “insane” and “unconstitutional” when their party was in power and Texas floated the same idea a few years ago).

While their efforts to overturn the election are likely to fail, their secondary goal to de-legitimize Trump’s Presidency in the eyes of millions will not. These efforts reveal the secular Progressives’ game plan in the years to come. A disinformation and propaganda campaign to undermine the Trump administration’s every move that is backed by the full force and fury of the mainstream media, the Progressive left’s activist network, a significant segment of our own government, and in many cases a large segment of the international community.

What does this mean?

I’ve asked myself that question and I’m not pleased with the conclusions. First of all, do not be surprised at anything you hear in the news from now and into the foreseeable future. Certainly do not accept it at face value. Traditional sources have proven untrustworthy. It will take time for new trustworthy sources to emerge. You must be patient. Time will reveal the truth in all matters.

Second, the battle to define the new economic and political systems upon which our nation will operate for generations is going to be intense. It will touch each of our lives personally. Please understand… The election of Donald Trump did not lessen the impact of the Great American Reset on the lives of Christians, conservatives, and libertarians. It has however, changed the path the Reset will take as well as the possible outcome.

The Great American Reset Under Hillary

If Hillary Clinton had been elected President we would have faced headwinds equal to category 5 hurricane as we defended what is left of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which they were built. The Progressives would have been emboldened to close the deal on Barack Obama’s promise to fundamentally (an permanently) transform the United States of America into a secular nation beholden to a globalist government and agenda.

I won’t dwell on the challenges this would have presented. However, the battle we would have faced to maintain even a toe-hold of the Judeo-Christian worldview would have been beyond what most are willing to even contemplate. The fact that their plans have been derailed by the Trump train has them in a state of shock, anger, and desperation. That places the country in a dangerous position.

The Great American Reset Under Trump

Donald Trump is not our national savior. I know you know that. However Christians and conservatives have this nasty habit of waking up just long enough to elect a national leader they think will carry their water, then they go back to sleep. If that happens this time, you don’t even want to contemplate how intense our struggle will be when we lose ground in the mid-terms in 2018 and he is defeated in 2020.

As it is, the battle to define the Great American Reset is going to be intense. The secular Progressives will not go quietly into this good night. They have trained and motivated a group of activists nationwide that will march to their orders and disrupt – with violence if necessary – whatever their leadership believes is worth disrupting.

Trump’s victory only diminished the legislative headwinds we will face to a cat 1 hurricane level – for now. As such, the Progressives will shift their strategy. We will face a tsunami of cultural opposition to his administration and the Judeo-Christian worldview that is being invited back to the table in defining public policy. This opposition will dwarf anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. By far.

Our challenge therefore is to prepare to take the defense of our worldview and principles to the streets. And in many ways that is more dangerous territory than the government. The Christian community is not known for engaging in the hard and unpleasant work of engaging our opposition in a tangible way. Overall, we are woefully unprepared to defend Judeo-Christian principles one-on-one with people hostile to those principles.

Over the last fifty years, the secular left has convinced us through law and intimidation that prayer closets, small group gatherings, and Sunday worship services are our only rightful domain. The intensity of their attack has been so effective as to make these our Christian “safe places.”  Therefore, rather than see the opportunity that is in front of us and step up, Christians may step back into these safe places and continue to let the culture to literally self-destruct around us.

Economic Headwinds

Regardless of who was elected, the next president was destined to preside over a major financial crisis. I won’t spend a great deal of time on this subject now because economics is an area I will blog and podcast about in the future. My friends and I are still dissecting the possible impact of Trumpenomics on the coming crisis. Right now our conclusion is this:

  • His policies might be able to hold a major financial crisis off a year or two longer than it otherwise would have occurred.
  • His policies might be able to mitigate some of the consequences.
  • His policies cannot stop it from occurring.

And on the timing front… Without getting too far out there, understand that if the globalists feel threatened enough, they can trigger an economic crisis. It’s happened before, and the stakes for those in control of the financial system are just as high as it is for those in the globalist political system. Many are the same players.

The Kingdom of God

This is where it gets real. As the culture deteriorated over the last fifty years, too many Christians have spent their energy preparing to escape this world and take as many people with them as they could. That is not a knock on evangelism. It is simply pointing out the disproportionate effort focused on a single goal. Meanwhile, God has a much broader plan for our lives, including enlisting us in the great commission which includes bringing His Kingdom to this world.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” He commanded this so that His prayer might be answered: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Our role as Christians on this earth extends beyond the church and the family and into every corner of culture, arts, media, government, business, education, and more. By missing this, we have failed to disciple this nation by actively bringing to life within these spheres of influence God’s Kingdom principles.

We’d better thank God that He has given us another chance to get it right. We have a lot of work to do.

Your Assignment If You Choose To Accept It

Give this some thought and discussion within your family as you gather for Christmas. We don’t have the luxury of ignoring what is happening around us. I know it’s not an easy subject to discuss during the Christmas season and with family and friends. While I don’t advocate going “all in” right away, at least plant some seeds that will open the door for further discussions in the future.

Come January, I plan to dig in and help empower you and your family to navigate the coming Reset as you become an active participant in what God is doing in this nation. Not for the sake of profiting from it or deriving some sense of security for escaping hardship. But rather for the sake of the One who’s birth we celebrate less than two weeks from now.

Finally, if you find value in this then please share it with others. Together we can build a group that accomplishes amazing things in the years to come.

Have a great Christmas holiday. Love on your family. Hug your spouse and children. Tell everyone how much they mean to you. Strengthen the bonds of trust. You may just need to become their trusted guide in the years to come.

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