We are privileged to live during one of the most exciting times in history. Systems that have guided cultures and nations for generations are being transformed by unstoppable forces.

This includes money.

Most people struggle to wrap their minds around what the coming changes to money will mean for them and their family. I help you unravel that mystery by:

  • Examining the time tested principles that define what money is intended to be.
  • Connecting the success or failure of past money systems to those principles.
  • Exposing how the nature of our present system violates nearly every one of those principles.
  • Showing how technology can restore those principles to a new system of money.

With this understanding you will be able to navigate what will be a challenging transition period.

Because money is changing. And it is going to change your life. Together we will make it a positive one.

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Technology is Producing “Creative Disruption.

Financial Technology is disrupting the status quo in today’s financial world:

  • The large centralized banking and financial structure is being challenged by a decentralized and localized model.
  • New technology will provide access to money and financial services to billions of people who do not have it now.
  • It will change how we acquire and use money in our daily lives.
  • Most importantly, it enables us to re-imagine what the very nature of money should be…

This Opens the Door to Principled Reconstruction.

A post modern worldview has defined the world’s systems for more than a generation. While those systems struggle with instability, we have the opportunity to cast a bold new vision to align new systems with principles that have proven to produce positive results.

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