Musing Toward 2017 and Beyond

It’s been an exceedingly busy week. With Christmas coming on, my wife and I have purposed to spend more time with our family. It’s a priority that I neglected for far too many years. With all the changes that are looming, I want to make sure my relationships are solid first and foremost. Everything else rests on that.


I’ve spent considerable time in thought – and prayer – about where to take this blog in 2017. I’ve created a newly designed web site. It’s close, but doesn’t yet say everything that needs to be said as we enter the teeth of the Great American Reset.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

One area that I am certain about is that come 2017, my content will be decidedly more overt in connecting the principles of my Christian worldview to the economic, political, and cultural events that will unfold before us. Let me also be clear. This won’t turn into a bible study with lots of Scripture and expository teaching (at least not most of the time).

While my ten years as a pastor would love that, I don’t think it is wise. Instead I will focus on helping readers better understand:

  • The depth of the coming Great American Reset.
  • The biblical principles that will see us through the assocaited challenges.
  • The opportunities that these changes and challenges will present.

We’ve forgotten many of the principles that made America the most free and produtive country the world has ever known – if we were even taught them in the first place. In the coming years, the world is going to be hungry for answers to some difficult problems. Therefore, we’d better get busy remembering what they are and how they are incorporated into our lives.

Let’s start with the fact that the Judaeo-Christian worldview shaped this nation. For decades it has been increasingly difficult for anyone holding this worldview to try to make a reasoned argument that it produces tremendous benefits for everyone. Now, for the first time in just as long, the headwinds have abated somewhat. We are far from having a tailwind, but at least now our voice can be faintly heard through the noise.

Reconnecting Biblical Principles to Life

I have already written about the principle of results based reality. That is, we cannot simply wish an outcome into existence because it is deemed worthy by the culture and then assume that the means used to achieve that outcome won’t actually cause more harm than the good it is supposed to deliver. We first have to take into account the results demonstrated in the historical record of previous attempts at creating a similar outcome. We also must be honest about the results that are generated from our current attempts to create a specific outcome.

Let’s now introduce the principle of localism. Why is it that history clearly demonstrates that systems designed and managed locally are far more effective at serving the needs of the people in that jurisdiction than systems designed and managed centrally?

Could part of the answer lie in the degree of trust people have in systems that are created and managed locally and designed on principles that they know have been proven in history to succeed? Just how important is this “bridge of trust?”

What do these three principles alone say about the critical systems of education? Law enforcement? Health care? Economics? And yes, even monetary systems?

These are the issues that will be decided in the coming reset. It is our responsibility as Christians to not just defend these principles. We have to first work to restore them in our own lives. We should do this out of our love for Christ and for His sake alone. However, in a post-Christian culture that is dominated by a secular worldview, it’s a tall order even for many Christian families.

I submit to you the stakes are quite high indeed. In fact, your future and that of your children depend it.

The Great American Reset has many paths it may travel. It also has many destinations at which it yet may arrive. The path and destination both depend on the degree to which we restore these basic principles in our lives individually, and into the new economic, political, and cultural systems that will be redefined during the reset.

Now is our chance to make a generational difference. Let’s get ready to do it.

Photo credit Jeffery Bary

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