The Danger of “Euphoria”

A movie has begun to play out in real life that I’ve seen over and over again. It’s a movie that is easy to love because it always starts out with scenes that fill you with positive emotions and good feelings. It’s called “Euphoria,” and unfortunately it is a movie that rarely ends well.


I understand why so many want to see this movie play out on the American landscape. For a decade or more, the forgotten men and women who have been trodden on and abused have someone in high places is paying attention to them. Someone who promises to protect them and make their life great again.

Dr. Keith Ablow wrote a piece on Fox News called, What’s REALLY going on in Tump’s mind? (Hint: It’s not what you think). After laying out out a case that Trump does not focus too much on silly issues like the size of crowds, but rather is a genius at managing the media, he ended his article with a statement that I am hearing a little too often and without prudent qualifiers.

“Man, I am just so happy this guy went to work for us. I’m still pinching myself. It’s like a miracle.”

Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing a growing enthusiasm – a euphoria – for what President Trump is doing. My Facebook feed is filled with people who are queuing up this movie. Part of me wants to see it too. I want to get into the characters and the story and believe that now, everything is going to be fine again. Maybe even great again.

Call me cautious. I’m concerned. And you should be too.


I can hear it already. “Cmon’ Doug, can’t you let us have a little hope and enjoy this thing?”

The answer is “Yes” and “No.” Let’s celebrate the right thing. Let’s celebrate God’s mercy instead of every stroke of a man’s pen. The consequences are serious if we do not maintain a perspective aligned with spiritual, practical, and historical reality.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful that Donald Trump is our President and not Hillary Clinton. I do believe that his lightning-bolt-out-of-the-blue election was God’s mercy. He has given us another, if not final chance to turn our nation around. At this moment President Trump is God’s anointed Cyrus to lead us through the challenges ahead.

But if we are not careful, this could quickly change. King Saul also began as God’s anointed. However, pride and jealousy opened the door to paranoia. God withdrew his anointing. The nation that begged for a king suffered greatly. The lesson?

God’s anointing isn’t unconditional or permanent. It would behoove all who see Trump as a modern version of Cyrus to also study the character flaws that brought down Saul and be on guard for those same flaws manifesting in President Trump.


The global order is being shaken at a dizzying pace. It is unrealistic to believe that one man and his administration can command all of the pieces to settle in alignment with our desired outcome. A short list of those pieces includes:

  • Destabilized trade with Mexico and China.
  • Democrats that are literally hell bent on seeing President Trump fail.
  • Global elites who share that desire.
  • A global debt burden that no President can grow us out of.
  • The growing instability of the European Union.
  • A deepening divide between the people of this nation, and indeed the western world.

A mentor of mine once told me that if Satan can’t stop you from operating in your calling he will push you to outrun the capabilities of your anointing. Then he will trip you up and watch you stumble – often with grave consequences.

This is my concern with Trump. He has begun his Presidency by making deep changes at a pace none of us have seen in our lifetimes. Most of what he has done, I applaud. But not everything.

Power. The adulation of the “forgotten man.” Subordinates cheering him on…

Who is checking his ambition? Who is speaking truth to this power? President Trump has surrounded himself with Christians in key posts. We must pray diligently that he seeks and heeds their counsel, and that they have the courage to give him wise counsel.

As good of a businessman as he may be, Donald Trump has not dealt with the level of financial and relational complexity that he is now faced with. He has not faced the spiritual and fleshly power that is now aligned against him. And he doesn’t have the spiritually maturity to recognize if he is being pushed to outrun the capabilities of his anointing.

But he does have an anointing.

That does not mean he will get everything right. At some point he is likely to make a serious misstep. How he and the American people react will tell a lot about the future of his Presidency and our nation.

Will he humble himself and maintain his anointing? Or will this present phase of euphoria get too deeply embedded into his heart and we remain silent as his Cyrus anointing morphs into the curse of Saul.

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