What Does Your Money Store?

I spend a lot of time listening to other podcasts. They range from business development and marketing, to Financial Technology, to personal development. The first one is for my consulting business. Interestingly thought, the latter two are becoming more closely related as I gain a fuller understanding how intimately tied to our lives money is.

The primary functions of money are to act as a medium of exchange and as a store of value. This post deal with the value it stores. Generally speaking, the value stored in money is a direct result of the fruit of your labor. When you think about it, that’s a pretty important task!

  • You labor by the sweat of your brow (for many that is literal)
  • In order to create value that you can carry forward into the future
  • And re-deploy it for purposes that you decide are worth investing in

You can redeploy it to feed your family, provide capital for a business, save it for the future, and a lot more…. The point is, its your labor. Whatever you value, your money will find. In a very real way then, your money represents your life. That is why it is with great interest that I listen to personal development podcasts. They help you maximize the fruit of your labor. Not just by making you a more productive worker, although that is part of it. They also help you improve the quality of life you live and the fulfillment you experience as you produce this value.

The degree to which you feel fulfilled in your work directly impacts your personal relationships. That includes your family and your co-workers. Far too many people live their lives in a constant state of tension because they spend a huge percentage of their lives working in a vocation that is not personally fulfilling. They may not realize it, but the source of that tension stems from them not maximizing the value of their labor because it does not leverage the natural gifting and talents they were created with.

Their job is a means to and end. Something to earn enough money to pay the bills. But intuitively they know something isn’t right. There’s more.

Maximizing the impact of your labor occurs when your vocation is in alignment with your gifts, talents, and values. When any of those components are missing, it produces tension that negatively effects your relationships and thus steals a portion of the value that your labor produces.

When people’s work environment produces tension because they are not in alignment with the purposes for which they were created, what is the result?

  • Stress
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Sometimes even depression

Health and relationships suffer. Some of the money they earn (stored value) must then go toward medical care to deal with the stress – or counseling to overcome the breakdown in relationships due to depression. Some may go toward projecting a facade in the social circles they operate in.

All of the money – the value – that goes toward those areas is wasted. The full positive impact of the value of their labor is not realized.

This link between money and who you are is important to understand. As such, occasionally I will link to articles and podcasts that address the area of personal development. Because producing value through work that is closely aligned with your purpose, gifts, talents, and values, will help you maximize the impact of your hard earned money on what matters most to you.

Carpe Diem


P.S. Some of the inspiration for this article came from listening to this episode of The Ray Edwards Show.

P.S.S. I used the picture of the grain bins for “storage” because of my growing up on a wheat farm.  Spent a lot of time in and around those things…