The Future of Money is Up to Us - That is a big deal.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my teaching on money. It's a four lesson series - Biblical foundations, History of Money, Our Present System, and the Future of Money.  In ten years as a pastor, I gave a lot of practical messages on how to apply principles that I felt would help people in their lives. That was my focus. I also had the opportunity to speak around our country on the issue of money and monetary reform. Both were tremendous opportunities to share principles that could change people's lives.

Yet, I sense that this new series on money is the most important work I have ever done. The changes coming to our world have the opportunity to unleash more good for the Kingdom of God than anything we have seen in generations, if not centuries. This realization is humbling. It is exciting. Most of all it is sobering.

We Are On The Cusp of Something Big - Really Big

Every few decades a convergence of events occurs that will, without question, set the course of human history for generations. You can see it happening in the news. You can sense it in your Spirit. The world is on the cusp of a major realignment. It's an opportunity to literally redefine systems that have guided society for generations.

And a major driving factor behind all of it is the battle to redefine money.

In my new series I talk address the opportunity we have ahead of us. It centers around three major points.

  1. Today's technology enables us to re-define the social construct we have in place that defines our money. This is an opportunity we have not realistically had for centuries.
  2. As we enter the battle to define our new construct, we must forget nearly everything we know about money. We begin with a clean slate and build on principles that align with Judeo/Christian values.
  3. Whoever wins the battle to define our new monetary social construct is going to determine the fate of humanity for generations.

Yes. It's that big.

Why? Because money provides the resources necessary to shape the "seven mountains" of cultural influence which are: religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business. These areas define the culture, and thus determine the destiny of nations.

And the rulers of the world know it.

So right now. I mean right now, there are four primary entities in the arena battling for the prize of defining what our future money will be, and thus the destiny of the nations of the world. They are:

  • Globalists:  They want to move the present system of national currencies toward a single source of control over the creation of money and monetary systems.
  • Nationalists: They want to preserve the status quo, which asserts a high level of centralized power and control over our monetary system - and thus the people.
  • States: This is where I spent a great deal of effort from 2009-2012. They wish to re-establish state sovereignty and move the power to define the social construct closer to the people.
  • Free market: This late entry into the arena has gained significant momentum. Financial Technology now enables the social construct that defines money to set at the community level, giving communities the power to create money that reflects their values and priorities.

Who will win?

That is up to us. Yes. You and me. And it depends on several important factors:

  • Do we really understand what is at stake?
  • Do we really understand the opportunity we have?
  • Do we really understand the technology that is driving this?
  • Are we willing to become early adopters of the technology that can re-define the social construct?
  • Are we willing to take our proposed social construct into the marketplace of ideas and engage in the battle?




That's what it's going to take. We're going for it. Join us, and invite others to join us as well. There isn't anything at stake - except the freedom and prosperity mankind for generations.