Predicting How The “The Great American Reset” Will Unfold

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A couple of years ago I wrote that anyone who said they knew exactly how the next period of instability was going to unfold was engaging in a fool’s game. That statement came from a position of experience, and not a pleasant one. I played that game between 2006 and 2012 – and lost. It was because of a sense of pride that crept in due to having a little success predicting the Great Recession. I needed (and received) a lesson in humility.


When the financial crisis broke, I was stone cold sure those I had been following knew exactly how the economy was going to unravel. But something interesting happened on the way to a financial collapse into hyperinflation….

Of all the smart people who saw the financial crisis coming, absolutely nobody that I know of accurately predicted the lengths to which banks and governments worldwide would go to keep the system alive. Instead they predicted how the crisis should unfold given existing legal and economic metrics. However, the powers that be went and changed the rules!

Within weeks trillions of dollars were created and funneled throughout the world through a series of agreements never before conceived and of questionable legality (a friend gave me the actual detailed Fed spreadsheet data). Contract and bankruptcy law was rewritten by fiat. Quantitative easing was born. The list of solutions that had never before been attempted and enacted without proper oversight or permission is mind boggling.

But it happened anyhow.

That is why it is best to be careful when predicting how the Great American Reset will unfold. There are far to many variables involved. Furthermore, since the Great Recession, power has been further centralized around the world in both governments and the financial system. This gives those in power the hubris to think they can control the Great American Reset. And sadly, they have the power to try. This means get ready for the creation of variables that today do not exist. We can only factor them into the equation once they are revealed.

This is why it is critical to find our feet. While the powers that be can change the rules of the game, they cannot change the consequences of engaging in such foolishness. Eternal principles will have their way in the end. We will just have to navigate through a somewhat unpredictable mess they create and let those eternal truths slowly work their way into reality. We just can’t set our way points too far into the future.

Remain flexible. Have access to intel that is analyzing the situation in real time and through the lens of universal principles. I’m blessed to have been connected with people who understand this reality and have committed to sharing their intelligence when circumstances warrant.