It’s Time to Get Back in the Saddle

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Lord knows (and many of you do too) that this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to blogging. I have blogged before, and even dabbled with two years ago.  At that time I felt it was premature, and sure enough I stopped blogging after a few months. Something was missing and I didn’t want to just write for the sake of exercising my fingers. So, what has changed? More than I can even begin to explain, but I’ll try…

Some of you know that back in 2006 I released a self-published book that dealt with the economic and monetary systems. In it I cited people who correctly foresaw the events of the Great Recession. A decade ago, I was hesitant to share publicly what I had learned because of a lack of confidence in my conclusions. They were based primarily on what others wrote about, and passed on what I agreed with.

Fast forward to today. The last two years have been a relational whirlwind. I have been invited to participate in meetings and events that two years ago would have seemed like a fantasy. I’ve been blessed to work with people who literally are one degree of separation away from (or are themselves) national and international leaders in politics, economics, and the global church. Many of them I now count as friends.

I take no credit for what has happened over the last two years. God weaved those relationships together for His purposes, not all of which are clear yet. While the organizations my friends are building and projects we are working on together are taking shape, in many cases they are multi-decade projects.

That brings me to the reason I have decided to get back in the saddle. The Great Recession was simply a symptom of a greater, long-term transformation that is occurring globally. It is now evident that the foundational structure of the nation we live in is about to enter a new phase.

  • Major geopolitical events will realign the global power structure.
  • Global and national systems and alliances will fail and be replaced.
  • New technologies will be introduced that will impact the economy and how we are governed.
  • People’s attitudes about how they wish to be governed will change.

We call this “The Great American Reset.”

I don’t think I can overstate how important the events of the next decade will be. What will emerge from this transformational time will dramatically reshape the geopolitical, economic, and spiritual landscape of this nation and the world for generations.

There is a mix of forces at play. Some very troubling and some very exciting.  The interplay between these various forces will be interesting to say the least. I’ll write a great deal more about the challenges and opportunities that will arise due to this interplay in the weeks and months to come. You will also learn more about the “team” of friends that God has given me to work with.

Please understand that we do not claim to have all the answers. However, it is my responsibility to share how we see the Great American Reset unfolding and more importantly, how to help you navigate the coming Reset and shape what emerges on the other side.

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It’s going to be quite a ride, but together we literally have the opportunity to make history.

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