It's Time to Build Intentionally

It's become clear that when it comes to the subject of money, for several years I've been living in an echo chamber. The people I spend the most time with live in the world of money and investing. They are concerned with the trajectory of global debt. They understand the role of precious metals in the world. They have a sharp eye on developments in crypto currencies.

Looking at what is going on in our nation today, it's very evident that it is not healthy to live in an echo chamber. Recently I've begun to intentionally step outside of that bubble. To engage people who are going about their lives and strike up a conversation that moves into the subject of what is happening in the world of money and banking. And a very interesting theme has emerged.

Most people hear snippets here and there about crypto currencies as their values reach new highs. They then might be exposed at least somewhat to the broader discussion regarding crazy ideas about how money and the financial system can be changed through this thing called technology. They see apps for their phones that can be used to make payments, and they aren't sure if they differ functionally from credit cards and checks.

What is Really Going On?

When the rubber meets the road, people are either confused or they feel like they should know more about what is going on, but they don't know where to turn. Robo advisors? Micro lending? Crowd funding. Bitcoin. Blockchain.  All new terms without an understanding of how they fit together.

And there is the opportunity. At least I think that is where the opportunity is. Several people I've talked to have said they just wished there was a credible, trustworthy source where they could go to learn about this newly emerging financial system. Some would like their children (especially older ones) to better understand what is going on in the world of finance. After all, it's the world they are going to live and invest in.

Thus, I've decided to do some research. To ask people what they currently know - and what more they want to know (if anything) about the changing world of finance. Naturally, it makes sense to ask you these same questions. As such, I would be most appreciative if you would spend five minutes and help me understand where you are on this subject.

Right now I've got a bunch of Legos. Your answers will help me understand how to begin putting them together in a way that will help you and others as we move through this time of rapid changes in the world of finance and beyond.

Here is a link to the survey.

Thanks for lending your voice.