The Future May Be Too Different For Comfort

The Great American Reset is all about change.  Too Different for Comfort, by Louis-Vincent Gave brings us face to face with the reality of how technology is set to dramatically reshape the global economy. While he presents some challenging facts, it is far from a “doom and gloom” diatribe. Gave points out that we live in the age of "creative destruction." Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that many of the new jobs being created are completely restructuring the economic foundation of the country – and the world. That means many of the jobs being destroyed are not coming back in their same form. He calls this a “robolution” – a revolution of economics that is driven by robotics.

Gave quotes Ronald Reagan's favorite economist, Frederic Bastiat, to make a very important point. "There is what we see and what we don't see."

  • We see jobs being destroyed.
  • We also see jobs being created.
  • What don’t see the shift in the types of jobs being destroyed vs. those being created.

In his book, Gave breaks down jobs into 4 categories:

Category 1 workers: non repetitive, non complex: These jobs are not in danger as we move through the robolution, and will likely continue to be the largest source of job growth across the OECD and emerging markets. They include:

  • Gardeners, plumbers, ski instructors, hair-dressers, etc.

Category 2 workers: non repetitive, complex: These jobs are also not in danger. Quite the contrary. Gave expects that demand will likely increase and salaries rise.  They include:

  • Pharmaceutical, research, software coding, civil or mechanical engineering.

Category 3 workers: repetitive and complex: These jobs will be somewhat threatened by the robolution. They may not be replaced entirely, but the roles of those holding them will be diminished and their salaries will stagnate or fall. They include:

  • Airline pilots, highly skilled industrial jobs, stock traders/finance, teachers, etc.

Category 4 workers: repetitive, simple: These jobs are at the greatest risk of being completely replaced by technology. We are in fact, seeing this happen already. They include:

  • Manufacturing jobs, low end farming jobs, bank tellers.

The average unemployment rate is and will remain high in our nation and in most developed nations as we move through this “robolution.” That is because the entire foundation of the global economy is undergoing a fundamental restructuring.

Gave points out that our education system should focus on helping people get training for non-repetitive tasks such as those in category 1, and it should change how it is preparing people for category 2 and 3 jobs. Instead, it is still focused on churning out traditional category 2 and 3 workers through an antiquated university system.

The existing university system is slow to adapt to a new model. It is heavily invested in the accreditation system and the control and power it gives them to control the curriculum. This is a critical observation. Technology is also on the cusp of disrupting the education system in ways few are prepared to contemplate. In fact, technology exists today to completely disintermediate (replace) the existing system and the entire power structure it is built upon.

This provides those who share the Judeo-Christian worldview an opportunity to completely bypass the secular progressive gatekeepers. A new education system can be created that will both reorient the worldview of the education system, and serve the needs of the future job market. I have written a white paper for the Statesmen Project that outlines just how this can be accomplished.

Too Different for Comfort is a reality based breath of fresh air for those who are getting a steady diet of “America is in decline” nonsense. We’ve got our challenges to be sure, and the robolution is going to take place during a backdrop of significant political and economic disruption. However, with the right leadership we can overcome our challenges and lead the world through the coming robolution.

I encourage you to download the 170 page book at not cost here. It will help you build a grid for understanding the breadth and depth of the coming Great American Reset.

What do you think technology’s role will be in the years ahead? Will it be a net positive to the economy, or will it displace more workers than jobs it creates?