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Because I am just getting started, I want to set expectations on what you will receive when an update lands in your inbox. I understand that it is not pleasant to expect one thing and get something entirely different. In fact, I have a formula that I use to define it. It will help you understand why this is the topic of my second post…

That formula is:

Expectations – reality = frustration.

Now, this simple little formula will be referenced on occasion in my writing. That is because the greater the gap between expectations and reality, the greater the level of frustration we experience. And right now, most Americans have a significant gap between the reality of what is happening in our nation and what they believe is going to happen in the near future.

Please understand, saying this does not mean that I claim to have an exclusive and total grasp of reality. To believe so would be the height of arrogance. My basis for reality however, are principles that have proven to be true throughout history based on their results.  And yes, those principles are based on a Judeo/Christian worldview.

Get to the Point

For the most part, I will be fairly direct. Nobody likes to waste their time, and that is the last thing that I want readers of this blog to experience. Hence, my early attempt at setting proper expectations. You are free to disagree with what I write and share another perspective. In fact I encourage that.

A two way dialogue is important. While I am in communication with leaders in politics, economics, and the church, I have found some of the most profound wisdom comes from those who are closest to the problems we have identified and are seeking to solve (my wife is at the top of that list). Thus, I welcome your feedback.

Be mindful however, that I hold a high standard when it comes to respectful dialogue. While I do have a twitter account and will use it, I am not a fan of 140 character soundbites. The challenges and opportunities we face demand a well-thought-out, principled approach.


At it’s core, the purpose of my writing is to help you navigate the Great American Reset. We intend to provide you with insight and actionable information that will allow you to make wise decisions as the coming years unfold. Initially, I will focus on three primary areas.

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Innovation

Education is a double-sided coin. One side is what we learn. The other side is what we can teach. If you are already aware of the facts, principles, and concepts that are discussed here then it is our goal to present them in a manner whereby you will be able to educate others.

That leads me to communication. Most Americans are not good at communication. That’s just a fact. The aforementioned Twitter 140 character soundbite culture has made it difficult for many to reason through both complex and simple concepts.

As a former pastor, radio talk show co-host, writer, and public speaker, I hope to share some of what I have learned about communication. Lesson #1 is that in order to effectively communicate and lead, you must connect your message to the person’s heart. That requires building and nurturing relationships, which are the most important assets we have. Therefore, helping others understand how to communicate within relationships is a high priority.

We must also approach the Great American Reset with an eye toward creativity. Good old American innovation will be critical to navigating the Reset and influencing what will emerge on the other side. Technology will play a key role in assisting us to achieve our goals, and it is critical to understand just how quickly technology is set to change our world.

And as a quick side note here, just know that some of our goals are quite lofty. They include major reform or replacement of some of the most deeply entrenched systems in our nation. The looming Reset both demands that they be reformed/replaced and provides the opportunity for it to happen. The strategies and specifics will become evident over time. But please understand that you are stepping into something that Lord willing is much bigger than any of us.

Finally, please know my intention is to strike a consistent pace in the updates that are posted. Initially, I expect to post once a week (that is after these initial introductory posts). That frequency may increase in the future. Podcasts are also not out of the question. As a former pastor and radio talk show co-host, the urge to get behind the microphone is strong.

I trust that this will help properly set some of your expectations. I could write more, but the post is already longer than most future posts will be.

It is an exciting time in which to live, and together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. It’s my privilege to have you on board.

All the best,


PS: The next post will be about “finding your feet.”  I think you’ll find it interesting.

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