Exciting Developments Amidst the Struggle

This is going to be a “get real” post just to keep everyone updated. Since I decided to return to my roots and focus on the subject of money and the changes that are coming, life has been interesting to say the least.

We all have busy lives. Too busy for most of us, but that’s a subject of another post. When you leave little margin, or what some people call “white space” in your life, a small convergence of unexpected events can quickly bring you to a state of overwhelm. I’ve lived on that edge for far too long, and recently it has caught up with me. Just being real… But I am taking steps to correct it (albeit they are baby steps).

So a little back story to put this update in context…

At the end of March I attended a Statesmen Project conference in Santa Rosa, CA. For those of you who haven’t read my bio, I sit on the Executive Committee and co-lead their public policy group with Uli Kortch. You will hear a lot more about him in the future. He is a dear friend of mine and shares my passion for monetary reform.

The Statesmen meetings are a gathering of a small group of national and international church leaders that are focused on our mandate to “make disciples of all the nations.” We see this mandate in a real, practical terms, which means positioning leaders at the “gates of influence.” A major focus of the Statesmen Project is to work with leaders in cities around the nation to create City Action Councils. These councils gather local church, business, and political leaders together to solve major problems at the local level.

One of the obstacles that local communities face is that they suffer from lack of resources – both human and monetary. I was given the opportunity to present to this group of leaders a vision on how complementary currenciescan fill that resource gap. The energy in the room was noticeable. It didn’t occur to any of them that there was another way to provide resources for their much needed projects. But there is. You will hear much, much more about that in the next few months.

At the same time as this meeting was approaching, I was introduced to a company based in Israel that is working on a project to solve two of the biggest problems that complementary/local currencies have. That is scaleability and liquidity. In the past they had strict limits to how much they could grow due to their structure (most were paper scrip based) and they couldn’t easily be exchanged into the national currency without losing significant value in the exchange. This company has solved those problems and recently won two international awards for their platform.

I am very excited about working with them to possibly use their platform to introduce complementary currencies into cities through City Action Councils. Also, there is an opportunity to reopen discussions with the network of state representatives that I made during my days as a sound money activist between 2009 and 2012. This platform may solve the problems we attempted to then, but were unable to due to various obstacles and limitations of our solution.

Along with all of that, I am working on the final outline of a four part audio teaching series on money and its intended use in the Kingdom of God, getting the final touches done on my new web site, and preparing to start my weekly podcast where I will discuss all of this and more.

That is the back story of just some of what has been happening during this rather silent period (on the blog only!) over the last month or so. There is a great deal of positive momentum. That momentum however, is generating strong opposition.

Strong. Opposition.

Our present monetary system is a stronghold of the enemy and is jealously guarded by the highest of powers and principalities. The day after my presentation to the Statesmen leadership group, the founder of the Statesmen Project, Dennis Peacocke was addressing the group on the reality of what we all are trying to accomplish and the spiritual warfare that it will generate. He turned to me and asked, “Doug Tjaden, are you ready for the battle ahead?”

Of course, in my mind the answer is “yes.” But I am sobered by the reality of what that means. A spiritual battle had already erupted before getting to that meeting and it has continued afterward. Without getting into the personal details, the last two months have been very challenging on a number of levels.

Not all of what has happened is negative. There have been some exciting developments at the company I work with – a group of great people who understand all of these issues and is involved in working toward solutions. But overall, it has been very time and mental resource consuming, and has kept me from making any real progress on the blog, podcast, and teaching series. That doesn’t diminish my commitment at all. It’s just the reality of the battle taking on new adversaries as we work to continue building on the progress that has been made.

So, I apologize for not having regular posts on the site yet or the podcast started. Even though the time I have been able to put toward this has been very limited, there has been a great deal accomplished. I am as excited as ever about what is developing.

Get ready though. As soon as I am able to consistently blog and podcast, I am confident that you will never again see money, its impact on your life, and your role in the Kingdom of God the same again.

The work has just begun. And together we can produce an outcome that blesses you and your family for generations to come.

Stay tuned and pass on the good word.

P.S. If you haven’t already, visit my new web site. I’d love to hear your feedback!