Dealing with the coming financial reset

Things are starting to take shape and a strategy is formulating on how to best serve you during the coming financial reset. Yes - I'm going to use that term again.  For a time I tried to avoid using it, because the term carries with it a a host of connotations, some good, some not so good. But, we have to call it what it is.

And it is a reset.

This reset could take several paths:

  • It could be a market driven reset due to pressures from ideas and capabilities brought about by financial technology.
  • It could be a reset forced by a major disruption from of our existing financial system, due to it's inherent instability.
  • It could be triggered by domestic or global political chaos.
  • It could be forced by governments as they try to get in front of the technological revolution and set up protections of their national currencies.

It could be any. Or it could be all. Most likely it will be a blend of all four.

But it is coming.

And you need to begin to prepare for it now. Yep. I used the dreaded word "prepare" as well.  I have avoided using it because of the negative connotations that it too carries. Having been somewhat involved in the "prepper" movement a decade ago, I understand that using the term can bring to mind mylar bags filled with rice and beans.

That's not where I'm going with it. My use of the word "prepare" means being proactive in gaining an understanding what is driving the financial reset and how it will impact you personally. In order to do so, you need to start with two things:

You must "reboot" how you think about money.

This is not optional. It is the process of letting go of your present understanding of what money is, how it should work, and who should create and oversee it. The future of money is going to be much different that what we've ever experienced to date. You can't understand it through your existing grid.

You must ask for wisdom.

The path forward is not going to be easy to discern. It will have unexpected twists and turns. You will need eyes to see reality vs. the smoke and mirrors that will be created to keep you confused. You will need a solid, principle based grid through which to filter events as they unfold.

A good place to start is by reading the book of Proverbs every month. Read a chapter a day (there are 31 chapters). It provides an understanding of human behavior and principles that will enable you to make wise decisions in real-time when circumstances are unclear. That is what I mean by being "prepared."

To best serve you, I must shift my approach. You need more than a weekly blog post. It means mixing blog posts with emails where I just get real and lay out my raw thoughts, observations, and boots-on-the-ground experiences. It means I need to spend more time developing my new course. "The Money Mindset Reboot" is the first step to reset your thinking, and give you the necessary foundation to discern what is unfolding in the years to come.

If you want to follow the progress of the course as it is created, you can sign up at the bottom of the home page. There is no obligation at all. You'll have the opportunity to get sneak previews of the course as it is developed, as well as give your advice on what you think will make it better.

Remember. Wisdom comes with a clear mind. The first step is to clear the financial mind trash that has been built up over decades, and create a foundation upon which that wisdom can stand.

Onward we go...