Money Isn’t What You Think It Is

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A financial revolution is underway. It is going to change your life. Understand it. Embrace it. Change the world. That is the theme of my work here. At the core of the financial revolution is the reality that the very nature of money itself is changing, mainly due to advances in technology. The very nature of money is changing. What … Read More

Your Money is Your Life

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It’s obvious to everyone by now. The Great American Reset is underway in all of its glory. I’ve taken a step back and looked at what is going on in the world and our nation, and have come to a conclusion. The best way for me to serve you is to focus on a critical aspect of the coming Reset. That … Read More

A Paradigm Changing Teaching on Money

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It’s been an interesting few weeks. A friend of mine, Uli Kortsch (you will hear more about him as time goes on), spent the first part of December in Europe. There, he met a gentlemen from Israel named Arie who just so happens to be very good friends with the author that has greatly influenced my thinking about what money … Read More

Finding Your Feet

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There are many reasons why only one out of ten thousand people who begin martial arts training obtain their black belt. One of them is that good instructors relentlessly drill their students until they “find their feet.” That is because unless you are solid and balanced on your feet, nothing else that follows matters. Now… there is a life principle worth … Read More