As We Move Toward A New Monetary System

This week I sent out a survey on the topic of Financial Technology. I wanted to get a feel for what people know about cryptocurrencies, micro-lending, new payment systems, etc. The response thus far has been interesting.

In general, people sense that there are major changes afoot. However, the world of cyrptocurrencies is gaining so much press in the mainstream that it is crowding out interest in most other topics surrounding financial technology. While understanding cryptos is important, in order to successfully navigate the emerging monetary system, you will need a much broader understanding of financial technology, the regulatory environment, and the political environment.

That is because the monetary system of the future is going to be unlike anything we’ve experienced before in human history.  And we are moving toward it at an increasingly faster pace.

This week I will be speaking at the annual Statesmen Project conference in Dallas. As part of the Executive Committee and co-leader of the Public Policy Group, I will have the opportunity to address leaders from across the country on the subject of this emerging monetary system. Our goal is to apply sound, results based principles to monetary reform. This means re-introducing principles such as localism (local currencies) honesty (sound monetary policy) and proper jurisdictional oversight of the creation and management of money and monetary systems.

All of this can be accomplished in the emerging technology and global regulatory environment that is emerging.

This conference will act as a “soft launch” of my project here – to begin to bring to you an increasingly more in-depth analysis of the emerging monetary system as well as inviting you to the front lines of the development and deployment of a local currency system.

We will deal with reality, and reality is that right now nobody has the answers to the following questions:

  1. What will the role of cryptocurrencies be in the new monetary system?
  2. What will the role of gold and silver be in the new monetary system?
  3. What will the transition to the new system look like?
  4. Who will have control over the new system?

Trend lines are being formed right now. However, the situation is fluid enough that those trends are far from certain. That means there is an opportunity to influence where this all leads.

And frankly, that is what we intend to do.

I invite you to join me on this journey. By doing so:

  • You will not be caught flat footed as the new monetary system emerges.
  • You will not find yourself in a state of confusion.
  • You will gain insight and understanding at a level which most people will not even begin to realize.
  • You will be in a position to navigate the change and help others do the same.
  • You will have your voice heard on the principles and values that are important to you as we define the monetary system of the future.

Next week the soft launch begins. Over the coming weeks and months it will gain momentum. Subscribe for updates and get on the playing field. Also, just hit the email button below and invite a friend or family member whom you care about to do the same.