It’s obvious to everyone by now. The Great American Reset is underway in all of its glory. I’ve taken a step back and looked at what is going on in the world and our nation, and have come to a conclusion.

The best way for me to serve you is to focus on a critical aspect of the coming Reset. That is, the massive changes coming to our monetary and financial systems. For fifteen years I have studied money from many different perspectives. Today, there are some very interesting developments in the Trump Administration related to this topic that I want to put on your radar.

The new director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, supports blockchain technology. Mark Calabria, chief economist to Vice President Mike Pence has gone so far as to express his support for alternative currencies. In a recent article entitled New Presidency Supports Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, he is quoted as saying, “While I’m an economist, not a tech guy, I’m very excited about Bitcoin, as I am about alternative currencies in general, and perhaps even more interested in the blockchain.”

Furthermore, Silicon Valley billionaire, Trump supporter, and member of the Trump administration transition team Peter Thiel has his own views on money and banking – and they are not mainstream. Not everyone is aware that Thiel started PayPal as an online currency. It later became an alternative payment system to the big banks. It doesn’t stop there. The current administration is interested in massive deregulation of the financial industry and is sympathetic to auditing the Federal Reserve.

This all adds up to something that is quite interesting in the world of money, monetary policy, and monetary systems.

The administration that is driving the agenda for the world’s lone superpower and issuer of the world’s reserve currency is keenly interested in FinTech. This is a world driven by technology and knows few boundaries when it comes to new payment systems and alternative currencies.

It is an understatement to say that this is an unprecedented position for a modern president and his administration to take. You have to go all the way back to President Andrew Jackson to find someone as open to taking on the existing monetary and banking system. If you recall, it was Jackson who successfully killed the second attempt at installing a central bank in the United States. And then there is this…

President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

This is going to get interesting. You can say what you want about President Trump (and there is a lot to say). But the fact that he has assembled a team that is sympathetic to major monetary reform is exciting for those who understand the need we have for such reform.

Unleashing a multiple currency system that contains both public and private currencies would be “big league” (sorry, couldn’t resist). Money would be free to accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish. That is:

  • To serve the needs of the people over the needs of the government.
  • To store an individual’s labor and transport that value safely through time and geography.
  • To enable those storing that labor to deploy it at a time and place of their choosing and for their purposes.

This is in contrast to today’s monetary system that serves the needs of the government over the needs of the people, puts your labor at risk of theft, and enables redirection of your stored labor for other purposes and without your consent.

Yes. This is potentially a very big deal.

Some notes of interest…

First, my good friend Uli Kortsch is meeting with the Deputy Director of the OMB to discuss how to finance building out our infrastructure without accumulating more debt. After that meeting, he hopes to meet personally with Director Mick Mulvaney. There is a lot more to this meeting than infrastructure.

Second, I am working with a group out of Israel that is developing a blockchain technology based platform upon which alternative currencies can trade freely against one another. This will solve a critical problem that these currencies have, and that is liquidity. This same group already has a platform in place to develop and deploy basic alternative/complementary currencies and is enhancing it to host more sophisticated currencies that can scale to serve national and international interests. This is all part of the FinTech wave that is engulfing the world, yet we hear so little about here in the United States. Which leads me to…

I am putting the finishing touches on a teaching series on money and monetary systems. This series goes far beyond anything I’ve done in the past. It will include the past, present, and future of money. It will look closely at what Scripture has to say about the principles that guide what money should be, and what it should accomplish.

Along with the new focus will come a new web site and a new weekly podcast. I plan to launch both by the end of March. I am considering titling the podcast “Your Money is Your Life” because money impacts each person on earth much more intimately than is commonly understood. We’ll see if that title sticks when it comes to launch…

Yes. The Great American Reset has begun. The Great Financial Reset is a major subset of that. My goal is to help you not just understand money, but to navigate the coming changes and be in a position to put the emerging system to work for you in ways new and exciting ways.

It’s time to put fifteen years of relationship building to work for you. I’m excited about what is emerging at this critical time in history. I would really appreciate your thoughts on what would help you to understand this new financial world we are about to enter into. Just send me a note from my contact page.

All the best,


P.S. In case you missed it, you might want to review my post from January 11th entitled A Paradigm Changing Teaching on Money. The documentary will help set the table for some of what is coming.