About Doug

Hello.  Thanks for taking some time to check out what this blog is all about.  The short answer is this.

Many people are struggling to wrap their minds around what is happening in the world today. From geopolitics, to the economy, to technology… the pace of change seems to be accelerating. However, they aren’t sure where it is all leading.

What they are witnessing are the early stages of what I believe in twenty years will be looked back at as…

The Great American Reset

It is being driven by major changes in:

  • Geopolitics
  • Financial and monetary systems
  • Technology

The coming Reset is enormous in scope. And make no mistake about it, new systems will emerge that determine the future direction of this nation for generations.

There is little that can be done to stop the Reset. The trends in place today have tremendous inertia behind them. Because of the nature of the massive change ahead, not all of what is coming will be pleasant. Not all of it will be bad. There will however, be a lot of noise and confusion as we travel through it.

Therefore, it is vital that we keep our focus on what matters and interpret trends and events properly. Those that do will be able to grow, love, and thrive during the Reset. Those that don’t see it coming, or do see it but choose to ignore reality will struggle financially, relationally, and spiritually.

More importantly, we (you, me, and those who hold to our founding principles) will have a brief point-in-time opportunity to influence the systems that emerge on the other side of the Reset. While that is no small task, it can be done.

It’s Time to Engage

After a long break from public speaking and writing, I am being called to re-enter the arena. Throughout my life, God has blessed me with a wide variety of life experiences. They include being an author, public speaker, pastor, radio talk show co-host, small business owner, private pilot, martial artist, self-taught economist, and corporate and non-profit board member.

This somewhat unusual blend of experiences has created several opportunities, not the least of which is now having the privilege to serve on the Executive Committee of The Statesmen Project.  Doing so has brought me into relationship with national and international leaders from across the spectrum:

  • Economists.Doug in North Carolina
  • Statesmen (different from politicians).
  • Politicians (different from statesmen).
  • International church leaders.
  • Monetary theorists.
  • Investment advisers.
  • National grass roots organizers.
  • Last, but not least, people who love their family, care about the future, and want to make a difference in life.

People are searching for a way to understand and navigate what they see coming without hype and fear mongering. They want to believe that there is a chance for a better future than the one they think they see.

The good news is… There is hope! All of these people will contribute either directly or indirectly to what is discussed here. Together, we can help give practical insight into strategies to build relationships, navigate a bumpy financial system transition, and actually have an impact on determining the outcome of The Great American Reset.

So I invite you to join us. You can do one or all of the following:

  • Use our articles and information to help you and your family.
  • Give input on crafting public policy responses to our problems.
  • Become an advocate for innovative market based solutions to our problems.

Whatever you choose to do, I ask that you will stand and make your voice heard as the policies and systems tomorrow take shape. Because the systems that arise as we go through the Great American Reset will impact the nation and the world for generations to come. We only have one chance to get this right.

Welcome aboard.