Many people are struggling to wrap their minds around what is happening in the world today. From geopolitics, to the economy, to technology… the pace of change seems to be accelerating. However, they aren’t sure where it is all leading.

What they are witnessing are the early stages of a literal “Financial Revolution.” A new monetary system is emerging that will determine the future direction of this nation – and the world – for generations to come.

We have a brief point-in-time opportunity to shape how this new system is constructed. While that is no small task, it can be done.


In my life, I’ve been blessed with a wide variety of life experiences. They include being an author, public speaker, pastor, radio talk show co-host, small business owner, private pilot, martial artist, and corporate and non-profit board member.

This somewhat unusual blend of experiences has led to the opportunity to develop relationships with national and international leaders from across the spectrum, including the privilege to presently serve on the Executive Committee of The Statesmen Project.

  • Economists.
  • Statesmen (different from politicians).
  • Politicians (different from statesmen).
  • International church leaders.
  • Monetary theorists.
  • Investment advisers.
  • National grass roots organizers.
  • Last, but not least, people who love their family, care about the future, and want to make a difference in the world.

Together, we can help give practical insight into strategies to build relationships, navigate a bumpy financial system transition, and actually have an impact on determining the very foundation of what our new monetary system is build upon.

What You Will Find Here

  • Connector.

    Learn how Financial Technology (FinTech) is at the forefront of changing the very nature of how we view money and how we can put it to its intended use.

  • Connector.

    My friends and co-laborers in economics, politics, and monetary reform will help guide you through the transition process to our new system.

  • Connector.

    Become an advocate for an innovative market based monetary system that works with our national system, while empowering local communities.

Whatever you choose to do, I ask that you will stand and make your voice heard as the monetary system of tomorrow takes shape. The one that arises on the other side of this Financial Revolution will impact the nation and the world for generations to come. We only have one chance to get this right.

Join the team!