The Secular Progressives Don’t Care That It’s Christmas

They are busy planning battle strategy

This week has been a difficult week to write. I’m fully aware it is the Christmas season and your attention has rightfully turned to your family. I don’t want to detract from that. However… the secular Progressives don’t care one bit about Christmas, and there are events occurring that are of concern. So I’ll just have my say today in a lengthy but important post (this is by far the longest one I have ever written). Barring a significant event, the posts through the rest of the year will be pretty short.


With that said, I’m feeling a little froggy as I write this (you will learn that on occasion that happens). That simply means I feel led to speak my mind without regard for feelings (but always with respect).

Musing Toward 2017 and Beyond

It’s been an exceedingly busy week. With Christmas coming on, my wife and I have purposed to spend more time with our family. It’s a priority that I neglected for far too many years. With all the changes that are looming, I want to make sure my relationships are solid first and foremost. Everything else rests on that.


I’ve spent considerable time in thought – and prayer – about where to take this blog in 2017. I’ve created a newly designed web site. It’s close, but doesn’t yet say everything that needs to be said as we enter the teeth of the Great American Reset.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

One area that I am certain about is that come 2017, my content will be decidedly more overt in connecting the principles of my Christian worldview to the economic, political, and cultural events that will unfold before us. Let me also be clear. This won’t turn into a bible study with lots of Scripture and expository teaching (at least not most of the time).