Three Keys To Create A Positive Outcome Amidst Major Change

Several months ago I came across this picture. (I still have it, thank you Evernote) The story that accompanied it teaches a compelling lesson. It answers the question, “How can you affect meaningful change when it seems chaotic and out-of-control?”


Some of you may have seen this meme on the internet, so I’ll tell you up front that I’m going to slightly change the story to help make the point.

A group of people were attending a seminar. The speaker decided to do a group activity. He gave each person a balloon and asked them to write his/her name on it. All the balloons were collected and placed in a small room. The speaker said there would be a $100 prize for each person who found the balloon with their name on it. They were given two minutes. Then, all fifty people were sent into the room together and the clock started.