View money through an entirely new lens as you learn God's purpose for it in His Kingdom!

Don't just survive the coming financial reset. Learn how you and your community can thrive!

Restore Judeo/Christian principles to the emerging monetary ecosystem and see the nations blessed!

Most people struggle to wrap their minds around how the coming changes in money and banking will impact them and their family. But impact them it will. 

Technology is changing how people think about the very nature of money itself.

  • What it is.
  • Who should create it and manage it.
  • How it should serve humanity.
The math says it. A financial reset is coming. You can understand it, navigate it, and help build a more resilient system for future generations.

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  • My New book

    Download a pre-release abridged version of my upcoming book, Overturn the Money Tables - Restore God's Original Intent for Money in the Kingdom.

  • Reboot How You View Money

    Discover the intimate relationship between you, money, and creation. It will forever change how you view your work in the Kingdom.

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